DKSM Board of Directors

Board Chair - Kirsty Howatt

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Christiana (Kirsty) Howatt began to play the flute at age 9 after attending a summer introduction to music camp (at her mother's insistence) in her hometown of Winnipeg, MB.  Music evolved into a real passion in her life (thanks Mom!). She graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Flute Performance) at the University of Manitoba and went on to pursue a Bachelor of Laws and practice law in Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba for several years.  She is now a stay-at-home mother (and wife to her farmer husband) who maintains a small studio (in non-Covid times) of flute and piano students.  All three of her children study violin with Jason Vanwynsberghe and her two older children have thoroughly enjoyed participating in Cadenza as well as the various string ensembles (and her youngest child is excited to follow in his siblings footsteps!).

Vice Chair - Lin Fehr

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Lin lives in Gretna with her family, where she homeschools her two children. Lin has been working in the position of Acting Director with DKSM this last year during Rochelle's sabbatical. She is looking forward to continuing to work with DKSM in a new role on the board.

Heather Menzies 


I was born and raised in Morden, and somehow against all odds have ended up back here in my adulthood.  I started playing the cello when I was in 3rd grade, and since then have had the opportunity to play in community orchestras in Winkler (originally under Douglas Kuhl), Bolivia, Virginia and Toronto.  For those from the area who may remember him, I currently have the honour of playing my uncle Reynold Siemens' cello (though not nearly as well nor as dedicatedly as he played).  I work as a mental health and a medical nurse in several hospitals in Manitoba, and have the ongoing privilege of playing in the DKSM Post Roads orchestra.  I am happy to have the opportunity to be on the DKSM board with people who are so dedicated and passionate about making music exciting and accessible to people in the Pembina Valley.

Lisa Bergen


Lisa is the mother of 5 children who have all participated in DKSM programs, including herself.   Presently she is enjoying playing the double bass in two of the string ensembles.  Lisa grew up playing the piano and ventured out into stringed instruments as an adult.     She is passionate about how we can express ourselves through music and how it enriches our lives.   

Stephen Knott


Music has been my life from RCM piano exams to singing in many choirs.  I studied piano, voice and organ in Toronto and sang in choirs from early years to the Ontario Youth Choir and the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir.  For twenty eight years I taught music at Winkler Elementary School and now am privileged to join the DKSM board.  Looking forward to live music soon!

Artistic Director - Rochelle Drudge 

Bachelor of Theology, CMBC - 1992; RCM Grade 10 Piano Certificate; Orff Level 1


Rochelle has enjoyed teaching violin, piano and music theory in Winkler since 1993, with one year spent teaching music in Loma Plata, Paraguay.  Her musical involvements have also included directing student strings ensembles, conducting children’s choirs, piano accompanying and playing violin or viola in various string ensembles.  She is the founder and director of Winkler’s Homeschool Harmony Choir (since 2009) and has directed community string ensembles and violin group classes in Winkler since 2009.  She is also the founder and program director of Cadenza Summer Music Week (since 2013). Rochelle and her husband, Kevin, have lived in Winkler since 1993 and have three daughters; Kayla, Hannah and Amie.


Administrative Director - Kayla Drudge


Kayla Drudge recently graduated from CMU with a Bachelor of Music. Kayla has worked as an Administrator of Cadenza Summer Music Week for the past six years, and is excited to continue working with the DKSM community as Administrative Director. Kayla's favourite quarantine activities include gardening, doing yoga, and attending academic webinars.