DKSM Board of Directors

Board Chair - Brian Derksen

Vice Chair - Yvonne Stoesz

Heather Menzies 

Ray Giesbrecht

Rosemary Dubyk

Administrative Director - Kayla Drudge

Artistic Director - Rochelle Drudge - Will be on sabbatical for the 2019-2020 season

Bachelor of Theology, CMBC - 1992; RCM Grade 10 Piano Certificate; Orff Level 1


Rochelle has enjoyed teaching violin, piano and music theory in Winkler since 1993, with one year spent teaching music in Loma Plata, Paraguay.  Her musical involvements have also included directing student strings ensembles, conducting children’s choirs, piano accompanying and playing violin or viola in various string ensembles.  She is the founder and director of Winkler’s Homeschool Harmony Choir (since 2009) and has directed community string ensembles and violin group classes in Winkler since 2009.  She is also the founder and program director of Cadenza Summer Music Week (since 2013). Rochelle and her husband, Kevin, have lived in Winkler since 1993 and have three daughters; Kayla, Hannah and Amie.








Plum Coulee

and surrounding areas

serving Southern Manitoba

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