Cadenza Spring Music Festival 2021

Douglas Kuhl School of Music, together with Southern Manitoba Registered Music Teachers' Association, is thrilled to present the first ever Cadenza Spring Music Festival, coming April 6-16, 2021!


This ten-day online festival will feature a variety of classes and events intended to create fun, festive, safe and connective experiences in which local music students can grow in their enjoyment of music-making, learn from professional clinicians, and connect with other students across age, level and instrument, who love the same kinds of music that they do.

 The entire event is non-competitive - no grades will be given, and works-in-progress are welcomed! 

Registrations for our 2021 Session are now closed.

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                                                               Generously sponsored by the Kuhl Foundation

and supported by Winkler Festival of the Arts, Morden Festival of the Arts, and Red River Valley Festival of the Arts. 

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To Register:

To all students, families, and community members:

You are invited to attend any or all events (except for the Performance Panel) as an observer, free of charge. Zoom links will be sent to you upon approval of your registration - register at least an hour before the event to ensure receiving the link in time! 

To strings, piano and voice students of all levels/ages: 

You are invited to register for one or more classes as a participant. This will include submitting a pre-recorded video of yourself playing/singing a piece in the class genre, and then attending the class with your instrument available. In class, you will hear performances from other students, and have the opportunity to learn from and interact with one of our fabulous professional clinicians. These classes are non-competitive, and your performance is not expected to be perfectly polished; the clinicians' teaching will be focussed on encouragement and learning genre-specific techniques.

Registration deadline: March 19

Video submission deadline: March 26

Fee: $5 per submission (Contact us at for reduced rates if needed - we are happy to help.)

Registrations for our 2021 session are now closed.