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Due to COVID-19, the Winkler Senior Choir's Fall 2020 season will look quite different than usual. The choir will resume activities on Tuesday, Sept. 15.  Our meeting time will be from 10 - 11 a.m. on Tuesdays. We will be meeting virtually, with the help of the Zoom app and rehearsal tracks for each voice and tracks with all the voices.  Time will be spent learning to use ZOOM in the first rehearsals.  We will take the time to become accustomed to this format so that all who wish to sing with the senior choir will have that opportunity.  For more information, contact director Wes Hamm through the form below.

The Winkler Senior Choir was first presented as a program of the Winkler Senior Centre in the fall of 1998.  Since then, the choir has assembled every Tuesday morning from September through May to sing, laugh and encourage each other.  Membership in the choir has always been voluntary; there are no auditions, and no report cards.  


Over the past twenty years, the choir has performed in local church services, for various charitable organizations, at banquets, at festivals for senior choirs, and by presenting their own programs each December and in spring.  For over ten years, Winkler Senior Choir has partnered with Homeschool Harmony in it’s annual spring concert.  The partnership has proven valuable for all, nurturing a  respectful relationship through music.  In September of 2018, the Winkler Senior Choir became a program of the Douglas Kuhl School of Music, providing many more wonderful opportunities for collaboration.

Director: Wes Hamm


Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m.

starting Sept. 17.  


Faith Evangelical Bible Church (FEBC) at 159 3rd St. South in Winkler

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