Online Pedagogy Workshop
Janna Olson

         Music Learning Theory (MLT) is a pedagogical approach that is centered on building audiation skills.  Audiation is the ability to think music in the mind with understanding.  With audiation skills, students are able to draw deeper meaning from the music they hear and perform and it is the basis for developing the ability to  improvise and compose.


         This workshop will focus on the practicalities of teaching based on Music Learning Theory.  It is an opportunity to see how students learn aural/rhythm skills, improvisation skills, sight reading and new repertoire with an audiation based teaching style.  Janna will show different components of the lesson as well as share videos or live demonstrations of working with her students.  The examples will be from Janna’s piano studio but the concepts and practical activities will be applicable to all instruments.

MLT Workshop with Janna Olson.jpg