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Interested in volunteering with Douglas Kuhl School of Music? 


We are very grateful for the help and support of many community volunteers.  If you're interested in supporting our programs through volunteering we welcome you to contact us here! There are may ways to be involved, but some specific volunteer roles are listed below. 


We'd love to hear from you!

Volunteer roles include (but are not limited to):

Concert help

  • Concert emcee

  • Ushering 

  • Stage help

  • PA managing

  • Poster distribution

  • Concert planning

  • Concert photography



  • Organizing fundraisers (eg. co-op gift cards, chocolate sales)

  • Food preparation for concert fundraisers

  • Participating in Rocky Mountain Inventory Fundraiser  

  • Preparing grant applications



  • Updating the website

  • Creating posters/brochures

  • Creating art for posters

  • Other program related tasks

  • Organizing and record keeping for DKSM music library

  • Organizing Encore Strings school tour

  • Bus driving

  • Assisting (as a musician) with students in choir or string ensembles


  • Providing baking for snacks

  • Kitchen help (food preparation, serving, clean up)

  • Concert ushering

  • Street patrol

  • Assisting in classes

  • School clean up

  • School set up

  • Concert help (emcee, PA, ushering, stage)


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