Music Skills Classes


These classes are a fun and engaging way for strings students to develop fundamental musical skills - and they will support and accelerate what students are learning on their instruments in private lessons.

Classes are 40 minutes in length, and will run in 8-week sessions

Registration fee: $80 per student per session

       *Financial aid is available - please contact

DKSM is pleased to offer Music Skills classes with Andrew Goodlett (Assistant Principal Double Bass, WSO; Double Bass teacher with DKSM and Cadenza).

Our first session ran from February - March 2021. Keep your eyes open for future sessions, or contact us to let us know you are interested!

Students in Music Skills classes will work on developing and expanding upon fundamental musical skills that will build their musical development from any starting point. In a fun, engaging environment, students will get to explore:


  • Developing a strong sense of pulse and reading/playing rhythms

  • Developing a strong sense of pitch center and tonality

  • Creatively engaging these skills to become flexible and well-rounded musicians in a variety of musical contexts

Choose from one of three classes: Music Skills 1 (open to students 8-12 years old); Music Skills 2 (open to students 13 years and up); or Music Skills for Adults.

This is a new program, and we want to make it work for you! If you are interested in participating but have questions, suggestions, or schedule conflicts, please contact us at