String Ensembles for all levels and ages

Twinklers Strings

Twinkler Violins is for violin students in their first years of lessons.  Students should be studying with the Suzuki method, playing in the first half of Suzuki book 1.  The focus for this group is enjoying playing music together, reinforcing proper technique, and developing early skills for ensemble playing.  This class will review the early Suzuki repertoire and use games and activities to develop musicality.





Director:  Twinkler Strings will be combined with Allegro Strings for the winter session


Allegro Strings

Allegro Strings is for violin and cello students playing at an RCM gr. 1 - 2 level (second half of Suzuki book 1 to the first few pieces in Suzuk book 2).  Students will be playing in the keys of D and G major.  No note reading will be required at this level, but the focus will be on enjoying making music with others, developing ensemble skills and reinforcing technical development.  Repertoire will focus mainly on Suzuki pieces, simple canons and/or folk tunes, either in unison or 2 parts.  Through games and activities, students will also be introduced to some basic note reading concepts and string orchestra knowledge.  All ages are welcome.





Director: Michael Pahl


Da Capo Strings

Da Capo Strings is a beginning string orchestra for violin, viola and bass students who have begun working on their note reading skills.  Students should be studying at a RCM gr. 2 - 3 level (from the middle of Suzuki book 2 to the first pieces in Suzuki book 3).  Students should be familiar with the fingerings for keys G, D, B♭, F major and D minor.  The focus will be on learning about the string orchestra, building ensemble playing skills, and learning to follow both printed music and the conductor.  All ages are welcome.

Director:  Natalie Dawe

Encore Strings

Encore Strings is an intermediate string orchestra for violin, viola, cello and bass players who are developing a confidence with sight reading and are growing in a variety of techniques (eg. shifting, vibrato, off-the-string playing).  Students should be in RCM gr. 3 - 5 (Suzuki book 3 to the beginning of Suzuki book 4).  1st violins will be expected to play in positions.  This group typically does a day tour to some Southern Manitoba schools in the fall.  All ages are welcome.

Director: Ainsley Kroeker

Post Road Strings

Post Road Strings is a string orchestra for musicians who have ensemble experience and are playing at a minimum RCM gr. 6 level with confidence.  Players will be expected to have sight reading skills and practice time enabling them to learn a wide variety of repertoire rather quickly.  Collaborations with regional choirs, bands and solo musicians offer a wide range of musical experiences

Director: Jason Vanwynsberghe

String ensembles rehearse during the months of October, November, January and February.  Violin, viola, cello, and bass students of all ages are welcome.

All ages are welcome.  For those new to the string ensembles, please arrange for a placement audition by sending an email to

Registration fee: $80 per participant for the full season (Oct. - Feb.) and $40 per participant for a two month session (either Fall or Winter).  

Winter 2020 Rehearsals


Jan. 9 - Feb. 27 

6:30 - 7:00 Twinklers/Allegro

6:15 - 7:00pm Da Capo

6:00 - 7:00pm Encore

7:15 - 8:45pm Post Road

Winkler Elementary School

 (Feb. 27 all ensemble rehearsals

will be at Winkler EMMC)

Winter 2020 Concert

All String Ensembles

Saturday, Feb. 29, 2020


At Winkler EMMC

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