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Rochelle Drudge has enjoyed teaching violin, piano and music theory in Winkler since 1993, with the exception of a few years living in the US and one year spent teaching music in Loma Plata, Paraguay.  Her musical involvements have also included directing student strings ensembles, conducting children’s choirs, piano accompanying and playing violin or viola in various string ensembles.  For the last ten years, she has spent much energy developing musical programming for Southern Manitoba.  Together with Wes Hamm, she founded Douglas Kuhl School of Music in 2014 and is currently DKSM’s artistic and program director.  She is also the founder and director of Homeschool Harmony Choir (since 2009) and of Cadenza Summer Music Week (since 2013).  As well as directing both levels of Homeschool Harmony Choir, Rochelle has been significantly involved in leadership of DKSM’s string ensembles.


Rochelle holds a Bachelor of Theology from Canadian Mennonite Bible College (1992) and has studied music in a variety of formal and informal contexts.  She has completed her RCM gr. 10 Piano certificate and studied violin at a grade 10 level.  Her teachers have included Jean Broadfoot, David Vistenin, and Emmanuel Horch.  She studied conducting with George Wiebe and took her Orff Level 1 certification at the University of Manitoba.  A strong interest in music pedagogy has prompted much self-study in the Suzuki Method, Music Learning Theory, Body Mapping, techniques in teaching improvisation, and more.


Currently, Rochelle’s private studio in Winkler is made up of 25 violin students of all ages.  Her teaching philosophy and style is strongly influenced by the Suzuki method, especially for the beginning years but incorporates pedagogical elements from other teaching methods as well.  Central to her teaching philosophy is that music is best learned through a mutual relationship of understanding and respect among teacher, student and parents.  Rochelle’s main goal as a teacher is to help students love music, to develop their musical skills and creativity, and to grow in confidence as musicians so that they both experience the benefits of music themselves and are able to share music with others in a variety of contexts. 


Rochelle and her husband, Kevin, have lived in Winkler since 1993 and have three daughters.


Rochelle's studio is currently full for the 2020-21 school year but you are welcome to contact her to be placed on a waiting list or if you have any other questions about her lessons or policies.

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Jason Vanwynsberghe

Since graduating in the spring of 2016 from Brandon University with a degree in String Performance and a minor in Music Composition, Jason has been teaching music in Winkler, Morden and Manitou. He
enjoys teaching a diverse assortment of students ranging from five to eighty five, as well as wide variety in level of students from Beginner up to Grade 10. In addition to his degree, Jason has taken Suzuki
Violin teacher training Books 1-3, and uses the Suzuki method for all of his beginner and intermediate students.


Also a great fan of performing, Jason regularly plays many different styles of music in various settings, from Fiddling at coffee houses to classical music in concert with various groups. This love of sharing
music is reflected in the way he teaches, and he regularly discusses different styles of music in addition to the typical Suzuki and RCM curriculum. As is typical with teachers who have studied the Suzuki
Method, Jason believes that anyone can learn music, and that “talent” is something that can be taught.


While most of his students study the violin, Jason is also comfortable teaching viola, and music composition. When not teaching, performing, or writing music, Jason enjoys helping out on his family’s farm in Crystal City.

Jason’s studio is currently full for the 2020-21 school year but if you wish to be on his waiting list
or have other questions about his studio, feel free to contact him.

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Rebekah (Koop) Miller

Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Therapy, Music Therapist-Board
Certified, Music Therapist Accredited.
Services: teaching beginner and intermediate violin, ear-training, music theory, music history, and music therapy.

Raised in a German-speaking family, Rebekah started playing violin at the age of four, and was the third of four girls in her family to play a string instrument. Throughout high school, she juggled a busy schedule with various choirs, concert band (clarinet), jazz band (tenor saxophone), orchestra (violin), and private violin lessons. Although Rebekah enjoyed each of the instruments that she played, violin was always the instrument that she worked the hardest on and had the most passion for.

Rebekah graduated with a Bachelor of Music (with a focus in violin and voice) from Canadian Mennonite University. A few years later, she graduated from the same institution with a degree in Music Therapy. Throughout her time at CMU, Rebekah sang in various ensembles including a chamber choir, women’s choir, the Philharmonic, and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Choir.


Rebekah now works as a violin teacher as well as an accredited Music Therapist. Aside from violin, she has training in voice, guitar, piano, clarinet, music history, and music theory. Growing up, Rebekah played violin in various settings including Suzuki classes, family quartets, church services, weddings, and orchestras. In the most recent years, Rebekah has continued to play violin in various settings including: university performances, music therapy sessions, church services, and concerts for local Winnipeg musicians. Although Rebekah was trained in “classical” violin, she loves to play in many styles of music including fiddle, hymns, and pop music.

For the past 5 years, Rebekah has taught at various music studios in Winnipeg including but not limited to: Community School of Music & the Arts (at CMU) and Prelude Music. She has additional experience working closely with children and adults with special needs, patients in hospital care, residents with dementia, and in end-of-life care.

Although Rebekah was brought up with Suzuki training, her teaching style is integrative and student centered. She recognizes that each student is unique and has different goals and learning styles. Rebekah believes that students can use the violin as an avenue for self expression and as a way of connecting with others. Her greatest hope is that through violin lessons, students will gain a better  understanding and appreciation of the violin and of music as a whole.

Rebekah teaches violin lessons for beginner to gr. 6 in Morden.  Her studio is currently full for the 2020-21 school year but if you wish to be on her waiting list or have other questions about her studio, feel free to contact her.   

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Wes Hamm, RMT, BA music ed, ECE 3, has been a music educator for over forty years. He earned his B.A. in Mus Ed in 1976 at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, VA. Following university, Wes taught in the Manitoba school system for eight years, working with students in every grade level. Wes spent the next 12 years dividing his time between his job as director of Winkler Day Care and keeping a part time private studio. After a year as guest string teacher in Paraguay, Wes has maintained a full time private studio in Winkler and Morden for the past twenty years. His students have participated successfully at both the local and provincial music festivals. Wes has been active in many areas of music in his community, conducting

string ensembles, leading the Winkler Senior Centre Choir, and serving as president of Morden Festival of the Arts and the Back Forty Folk Festival. Wes’s musical heroes are Yo Yo Ma and Paul Simon, musicians who have spent their careers building musical bridges. Wes has been trying to fashion his own bridge between his classical training and his love for writing folk songs. He lives in the Pembina Hills south of Morden with his wife Karen. Wes and Karen are the parents of three adult children and four amazing grandchildren.

Wes has a full studio, and is not accepting new students at this time.







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