Douglas Kuhl School of Music is a community of music teachers, students, families, sponsors and friends in southern Manitoba, who are working together to enable all ages to participate in the joy of making music.


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COVID-19 Programming Update

After our physically-distanced, in-person Fall 2020 String Ensemble season was cut short due to increased Covid-19 cases and restrictions, we have made the decision not to plan for a String Ensemble season in January/February 2021. We hope to hold another physically-distanced , in-person orchestra season as soon as this becomes possible - check back for updates!

Plans for a Jan-May 2020 Senior Choir Session, and April/May 2020 Homeschool Harmony Choir Session, and a July 2020 Cadenza Summer Music Week remain up in the air - we hope to offer some kind of programming in a way that is safe and responsible given the Covid-19 situation at the time. We will release more information on this as it becomes possible to do so. 

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